Drink Up, St. Louis - First Edition at the New Moon Room

If you know me at all in real life, you'll know I'm dating a super handsome and super sweet bartender named Nick who works at the Moonrise Hotel. The Moonrise is really an amazing gem that St. Louis has - from its decor to just overall feel. It boasts one of the city's most fun rooftop, open-terrace bars for summertime sipping. The Moonrise also houses Eclipse Restaurant, and the New Moon Room. 

Last night was the first installment of Drink Up, St. Louis. Here's the info on Drink Up:
Bio: Drink Up, Saint Louis or Drink Up Saint Louis is an open group dedicated to the enjoyment and education of the St. Louis cocktail scene.
To enjoy our city's cocktail culture through education, social gatherings, friendly discussions, and imbibing! 

The first night was held at Eclipse Restaurant's New Moon Room on the rooftop. To get to the New Moon Room/rooftop, you must take the elevator. Once on the 8th floor, you head left into the New Moon Room. It's fabulously decorated with deep turquoise, purple, and burnt orange colors. Lights painted to represent different planets from our solar system hang from the ceiling. Speaking of the ceiling, did you know that the New Moon Room is solar-powered? Microgrid Solar is a formidable force in the Saint Louis green and clean energy scene. Microgrid's very own Marisa is a fellow blogger as well! Click her name to find her blog. 


The menu for this installment of Drink Up, St. Louis featured five different drinks, crafted by Eclipse's bar staff. With a mostly gin-based selection, this gal had a challenge set out for her. I typically only drink gin with my ladies during the summer, in the form of the good ole' gin and tonic, or as we abbreviate it, G&T. I first tried the Superior 75, which was a spin on the traditional French 75. Featuring gin, elderflower liqueur, and citrus flavors, the drink was very light and refreshing. I'd love to have it again when the weather warms up! The Superior 75 is the drink you see in the photo below. I think the logo for the event is pretty cute, too.

The second drink I tried was the Manhattan, Kansas, which I was drawn to not only because I like a good Manhattan, but my cousin Amelia went to school in Manhattan, Kansas. Also, I can never turn down a brandied cherry. The variation was heavy and a perfect warm drink to keep me company as snow flurries started to fall outside the New Moon Room. And dang that was a tasty cherry!

I wore a fun little outfit that had one too many layers. Let me tell you, "running to the ladies' room" was more like "let me go take a temporary party hiatus while I try to deal with all of the clothes I have on." This vintage romper was a $4 Goodwill find nearly three years ago. It buttons all the way up, has a zipper too, and features functional pockets! I adore it. I am becoming more comfortable playing with mixing textures, so I threw a lacey long-sleeve tee underneath the romper. It was definitely not warm enough with my jacket, but I certainly felt super cute!

If you'd like to join me at the next Drink Up, Saint Louis, you can find the event at Fortune Teller Bar on Cherokee Street. For more information:

Outfit Details: 
Vintage Romper: Thrifted (Goodwll)
Lace Longsleeve Tee: maurices
Tights: maurices
Belt: maurices
Jewelry: Thrifted
Boots: Leopard Boutique in Webster Groves