An Introduction

All right, lovelies. Listen up.

This is just what the world needs, isn't it? Another damn mothertruckin' blog. Especially one pertaining to fashion/style and beauty. Don't we all follow enough of them already?! 

But that's exactly my point. I love this little world we live in with everything so perfectly ready at our fingertips, and the notion that anyone out there actually gives a flying flip about what any of y'all have to say about ANYTHING. 

So here's my contribution. 

I'm a twenty-something in the good ole' Midwest, living and breathing like everyone else. I wear whatever I want, I eat whatever I want and all that lovely jazz, and for some reason I feel the need to share all of that with you. Because it's like you actually care. Or something. 

What I like to do is mix old with new, and balance my style sense between my work looks and personal looks (weekends, date nights, etc). You'll see posts of both kinds! 

I love real life style! Let's celebrate it together. 
So, shall we begin?