Saint Louis' Shark Tank Fashion Venture

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Everyone loves a friendly competition, right? Bright lights, cameras, judges. Big money prizes! What makes it all even better is if the talent is home-grown. Saint Louis Fashion Week has extended its season this year, stretching out across several weeks of haute happenings, shows, and events. The 2016 season's biggest bang is the Caleres Fashion Entrepreneur Competition, which gives five local makers the opportunity to compete to win the grand prize of $10,000, second prize of $5,000, and a People's Choice award. Intrigued? Learn more below, and enter to win two tickets for the event on November 10th!

Not only will you find five of Saint Louis' most talented and up-and-coming names showcasing their work, you'll also be treated to interactive fashion and video presentations, designs inspired by Caleres' shoes, and in true Shark Tank-style, live pitches from the competitors. Something I always yearn for when peeping a fashion show is more insight into what makes the designer tick, and here's my (and yours!) chance to hear from creators first-hand about their processes. The panel of "judges" for this event even includes Eric Johnson, Executive Director of Saint Louis Fashion Fund - you might have heard that the Fashion Fund had its official launch this week! 

I'm excited to not only be there in support of our city's talented folk and learn more about how the Fashion Fund is supporting funding, mentorship, education and professional development to fashion design entrepreneurs in St. Louis, but also in a music capacity - I'll be DJing for the cocktail hour and party aspect. Every gig is a chance to learn more about an industry, and this is already one I love! 

It should come as no surprise that the finalist that might immediately pique my interest would have a strong focus on footwear! Claire Flowers is named directly after its designer, who resides here in Saint Louis. Intent on having shoe that fused fashion and function, she opted to design her own. Feminine silhouettes with a heel that flares out at the base have helped the brand of Claire Flowers excel - you can snap up a pair of these beauties in several local shops, like 10Denza & Ivy Hill, as well as a few national stores in states such as New York, Kentucky, and Illinois. One of my favorite little features about Claire Flowers' new approach to crafting a comfortable shoe is the material used in the heel cap: TPU, the same material roller skates are made out of! I grew up roller blading and always thought the wheels were pretty neat - sturdy, yet with some give in order to take force. Sounds like the perfect heel cap to me! I can't wait to hear more from Ms. Flowers herself at the event, and see more of her work in person.

Get acquainted before the event! The five finalists for the Competition are:
Beltshazzar Jewels  |  Qristyl Frazier Designs, Inc.  |  Claire Flowers  |  Rafael Adón  |  Fauxgerty

If you're interested in joining me on November 10th at the fabulous Majorette on Manchester Avenue, you have two options!
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STLFW Day 3: Outfit & Final Adventures!

One of the struggles about being a blogger who typically shares outfits and also likes to attend a bunch of events all at once is that you sometimes just don't get all the best photos of your daily outfits. Sometimes you have to bribe your photographer friend to join you for brunch on Saturday so that you can get at least one outfit post snuck into your STLFW experience. Luckily, I have Abby, and she is a sweetheart who puts up with my busy bee antics.

She met me in the Central West End on the final day of all STLFW festivities. We had brunch and then jetted over to local shop Living Collective's temporary home above Pi to join all the other blogger babes. If I had known they had deviled eggs (and tasty cocktails!) waiting, I wouldn't have bothered dragging Abby to another place with me for brunch. Deviled eggs are my jam! Sometimes I also suck at being a blogger who makes the most efficiently-timed plans.

I wanted to go with something that was very, very "me," and not "me trying to be fancy for STLFW." This is what you'd catch me wearing on just about any other day. Casual with just enough of the details I love to go for - thrifted leather, blue on black, at least a small heel no matter what! Plus, fall is for layering, and that's something I adore doing with outfits.

This gorgeous tassel necklace was a gift from Collections by Joya, a locally-owned jewlery business. You heard about in this previous post. I have never been one for layering my jewelry, but it goes so perfectly with my baby Thunderbird necklace by Meg Girard. I have a little tale to tell about why the Thunderbird is special to me, so keep a lookout on the blog for that soon.

Of course I had to take advantage of the generous discount that Living Collective extended to bloggers while we were there. I snapped up this champagne ring and wanted to also bring home the whiskey, tequila, pizza rings... basically all of them. It was hard to choose. But champagne and I go way back, so bubbly it is. 

Late in the evening, I met the rest of the MWIN bloggers at Ballpark Village. Over delicious dinner and drinks, we learned about BPV and its involvement in the Saint Louis scene. We were even graciously shown behind the scenes in the Cardinals Hall of Fame, and taken all the way up and out to the open-air VIP club area overlooking the Busch Stadium field. The night and week concluded with a party in Howl at the Moon, a lively piano bar with talented performers. Champagne toasts were made, laughs were had, and I left feeling so grateful to have been involved in another amazing STLFW!

Outfit photos and Living Collective photos by Abby Gillardi. 
Ballpark Village photos by Ashley Kuenstler

Outfit Details:
Jacket, Tee & Denim Shirt: maurices  |  Jeans: Thrifted (F21)  |  Belt: STL Swap Meet
Tassel Necklace: c/o Collections by Joya  |  Thunderbird Necklace: Meg Girard
Shoes: Thrifted (no label)  |  Bracelet: c/o Socially Jen  |  Eelskin Bag: Thrifted

#FeedTheFacts: Get to Know the MOEDC

The shroud around many mental disorders has been becoming more transparent as doctors, researchers, and science help to explain what makes the human body tick. One that happens to be the most deadly also happens to be the one that no one wants to talk about. An eating disorder is not simply caused by an individual's string of choices, but also by genetic markers. 

I'm teaming up with the Missouri Eating Disorders Council to help open the dialog addressing the myths and facts that surround eating disorders. With only about 1 in 10 people living with an eating disorder on average actually seeking treatment, it's definitely worth talking about. About 30 million people in our country alone are diagnosed with an eating disorder, and over a half million of those live in Missouri. That's nearly 10% of our state's population! 

This past Friday, I joined other Midwest Influencer Network bloggers and our out-of-town blogger guests to meet with members of the MOEDC and learn more about their campaign.  A cocktail hour at Central Table started off the evening, with Ann of Stealth Creative introducing herself and interviewing bloggers on video about their opinions/knowledge of eating disorders. We then sat down together and heard from MOEDC's Annie Seal, a local mother who nearly lost her daughter to an eating disorder.. Her experience was eye-opening and introduced us to some of the myths that persist in society about eating disorders. Over an amazing meal served by Central Table, we also heard from local swimwear designer Lori Coulter, who seeks to create bathing suits for all bodies, as well as the personal story of a strong woman who has battled an eating disorder. The illness comes in all shapes and sizes, just as we do. 

Being in the fashion industry, bloggers have an insider's view and usually some pretty strong opinions on how body-based issues and insecurities. It's no secret that the fashion industry is built around the lithe, slender female body, and typically excludes people of varying sizes. Is that what is ideal? How much of an impact does a constant barrage of a thin frame have on young, impressionable minds? How can the fashion industry change to reflect a more healthy image rather than just a small size? All these questions and more came up at Central Table.

My personal experience with how the fashion and blogging world handles body ideals is intimate and strong. A previous job of mine dealt with fashion models. They would have their measurements taken multiple times a year, often with critiques on gained inches or some body part that had gone too soft. The modeling agency wasn't even what I would consider a tough one, but I knew what was at stake for these young women and men. When it came to blogging for me, I spent a while debating whether or not to even start a blog. I didn't fit the beauty standards, my thighs are too round, my hair too weird, my taste in clothing too low-class. I was worried I'd stick out like a sore size 6 thumb, but I went for it anyway! Of course, I haven't had any issues surrounding my size, but I am forever aware of how my body looks in images. I don't believe that I am "photogenic," I just have learned how to position myself in ways I find most flattering in images. See? It's all a mirage! Both the fashion industry with its Photoshop and bloggers with our sneaky poses. Goals? False! It's all an illusion that creates unattainable ideals that can be detrimental to a young person's mental health. 

So, I hereby have formally joined the conversation on eating disorders! I vow to raise awareness, open safe and informative dialogue with others when necessary, and help to educate those who may not know what is myth and what is fact. I will strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, and try to inspire other to make conscious decisions to support their own healthy choices as well. 

I would love for you to join the conversation! Everyone knows someone who is affected by an eating disorder, whether you know it or not. Educate yourself so that you can be there when someone might need a friend or support. Learn more about myths, find resources, and also catch up on treatment  options in case you might need it yourself.  

Follow Along: 
Twitter: @MOEDCouncil
Instagram: @MOEDCouncil
Hashtag: #FeedTheFacts

Photography by Ashley Kuenstler.
Selfie and adjacent shot by yours truly.

Thank you to the MOEDC for inviting me to be a part of this campaign and for hosting the lovely dinner last week. This post is also sponsored by Explore St. Louis and the Midwest Influencer Network, but all opinions, support, and enthusiasm are my own. 

STLFW Day 2: Dinner & Designer Contests

Last Thursday, the second day of STLFW offered fun, fashion, and friends. A private dinner hosted by Collections by Joya brought STLFW bloggers to Element in Lafayette Square. A company run by women for women, Collections by Joya supports artisan crafters - specifically women! The items are hand-crafted and gorgeous, and I was thrilled to be gifted a delicate and long necklace with the sweetest little tassel! You can see it in the picture down below of me with model Sierra Williams. The food by Element's chef was outstanding, and the steak dish reminded me why I love, well, steak! 

We all then rushed off to the Luminary on Cherokee Street to catch the final moments of the STLFW Wear It: Fashion Challenge. Local designers Michael Drummond, Nina Ganci, AJ Thouvenot, Nasheli Ortiz, Qun Liu, Destini Gamble, Barbara Bultman, Alexis Cook, Leah Babette and Tiffany Rae were tasked with creating a piece inspired by a work of art. Nasheli Ortiz, was inspired by Sarah Frost’s Built, and her piece took home the $5,000 prize. My personal favorite was designer Destini Gamble's piece based on Pablo Picasso's painting The Peasants. The white jumpsuit was just too gorgeous!

I caught up for a second with model Sierra Williams because I used to see her around the office during my time working for Centro Models. She was wearing Alexis Cook's piece, which was based on the glass artist Dale Chihuly's work. I'd recognize a Chihuly-inspired piece anywhere! After mingling for just a bit more, I headed home. The downpour that had kicked up outside was enough to put me directly into my PJs and onto the couch. 

Stay tuned for more from STLFW on the blog soon, and thanks for reading my adventures! 
Photos by Ashley Kuenstler. 

Many thanks go to ALIVE Magazine and Midwest Influencer Network for inviting me to be a part of the awesome experience that is STLFW. 

STLFW Day 1: Runway & Rooftop Fun

Photo by Ashley Lear

Photo by Ashley Lear

Saint Louis Fashion Week's 2015 installment came and went so quickly I feel like I'm still reeling from all the fabulous fashion and blogger fun. The first event saw over 1,200 guests (including special VIPs like Iris Apfel herself!), and awarded a designer $25,000. The Caleres Emerging Designer Competition seeks each year to showcase new designers just tip-toeing around the edge of stardom, creating a platform to introduce them to greater national press and potential buyers. The evening showcased the work of Julie Haus and Jason Alkire of Haus Alkire, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of Eckhaus Latta, Azede Jean-Pierre of Azede Jean-Pierre, Katharine Polk of Houghton and Jordana Warmflash of NOVIS. Katharine Polk's collection as Houghton took home the cash prize, and I definitely have to say that it was my favorite! Peep a few of my favorite looks from each presenting designer below (runway photos by Mark Schwigen): 

Novis sent geometric colorblocking and funky landscape prints down the runway. I am always a fan of cool-vs-warm colors, so the icy blues butted against burnt oranges really caught my eye. The floor-length, sheer gown on the right above was one of my favorites of the evening. 

"Swanky island casual" is how I might best describe Azede Jean-Pierre's runway. The breathable fabrics and billowy pieces really made me want to be sipping a cool cocktail on an upscale hotel deck in Haiti, where Jean-Pierre was born. 

Y'all probably know by now I love me some big hats. When models strutted down Haus Alkire's runway with bouncing big hats, I had to smile. I'm all about that middle look, too - It's like fancy pajamas I could get away with at work!

The winner of the night sent elegant and feminine looks down the catwalk. I do believe that the general consesus was that the dark navy dress with the cut-outs was the show-stopper. The fabric just moved so beautifully! I am pleased that Houghton took home the prize. 

Eckhaus Latta was the last collection, and I liked the soft palette and funky piecing. I'm a sucker for anything with personality as I tend to veer away from simply items. 

After the Competition, a number of local blogger were invited to a late-night happy hour with Socially Jen at Three Sixty in downtown Saint Louis. We were greeted by candies, friends, and of course, Jen! Three Sixty delivered tasty bites to eat, helpfully accommodated our vegan blogger babes, and crafted some super tasty cocktails for us. 

Photo dynamo Ashley Kuenstler was on hand at Three Sixty and she was kind enough to take some mysterious glamour shots for me! After the great service and a reminder of how gorgeous the views are, I think I'll be popping by Three Sixty again sometime soon. 

Many thanks go to ALIVE Magazine and Midwest Influencer Network for inviting me to be a part of the awesome experience that is STLFW. Shout out to Union StationCaleres, and the Saint Louis Fashion Fund for also bringing the Emerging Designer Competition to life for all of us!


In The Studio With Designer Ryan Moore

When I first met designer Ryan Moore, I was running around, haphazardly dressed and perfectly panicked in the bowels of the Boo Cat Club. It was the day of Pins & Needles, the annual local designer challenge put on by Brainchild Events. We ended up speaking about his music selection during the hours before the show, and we clicked over his choice of Glitch Mob. I was able to mix in a song of my own suggestion to his pick, and thus our collaboration friendship was born! I had already decided to have something custom-made this year for Saint Louis Fashion Week, and Ryan seemed like just the person to do it. 

We met initially over coffee, chatted about my vision, and went from there! I stopped by one day a few weeks ago to check out the progress, get a final fitting completely, and see where all the magic happens.

Ryan loves working with leather, and he allowed me to borrow a few of his pieces to take to NYFW with me! See this snapshot here of a handbag he stained and painted, as well as a stunning cuff he crafted. Above, he demonstrated how he softens and thins leather to make it more supple and wearable.


I donned my muslin, or mock-up, and Ryan checked the fit. A few trims here, a couple tweaks there, and voila! We were in business. He made the mock-up of a denim material so that it had weight and would lay more like the final piece, which is made of silk. Instead of a solid color, Ryan and I had agreed on a paint splatter pattern, done by hand, to make the piece truly one of a kind. 

I picked up the final piece on Monday night, and it fits like a dream. Here's a quick shot of it in action last night at the first night of STLFW, complete with a leather bag and leather/rabbit fur cuff also by Ryan.

Stay tuned for better images of the dress soon!

Black and white photos by Abby Gillardi. 
Runway snapshot graciously taken by Yasmin of Bangles & Bungalows

Spotlight On: Local Designer Ryan Moore

You've probably seen me post about Ryan on my other social media recently. We first met when I DJed at Pins and Needles back in August, and he participated as a contestant. He was sweet and friendly, and we connected over his choice of music for his collection (Glitch Mob, yes, okay!). I was hoping to work with someone to create a custom item to wear to STLFW this fall, and so I reached out to Ryan. He's designing me a pretty cool dress that I cannot wait to see finished! 

I thought instead of keeping him all to myself, I'd ask him some questions and share them with you! I hope you enjoy getting to know him, and stay tuned for our collaboration! Here we go!

SOSM:  Did you study fashion design in school? If so, at what school? 
RM: I contemplated going to school for Fashion Design, but I actually ended up going to Webster University to earn my BFA in Costume Design and Construction.

SOSM: Did you know when you were a kiddo that you wanted to be involved with fashion?
RM: I didn’t always know, I originally wanted to be an actor. My high school theater teacher saw a different type of creativity and talent in me, and guided me into the world of costume design.

SOSM: If not, what was a pivotal turning point in your interest in being in the fashion world? 
RM: Costuming and Fashion have many parallels, but it was really my internship at Vital Voice Magazine in their fashion department that really sparked my interest in the fashion scene. 

SOSM: First time showing a collection? 
RM: The first full fashion collection I showed was at the Pins and Needles Upcoming Designer Competition in August 2015. I had costume designed a number shows before then, but that was my first strictly fashion collection.

SOSM: Favorite piece designed so far? 
RM: One of, if not my favorite piece I have designed would be the Berlin Wall jacket/ look I designed for Missouri Style week. The entire look is just very much my aesthetic. It’s very textured, grungy (but not dirty), has a somewhat punk rock edge to it, and also somewhat blurs the gender norms. Here's a blog post about it!

SOSM: What got you into working with leather so much? 
RM: Leather to me is just such a fascinating material, dating back thousands of years, where people were using it as function as opposed to fashion. It is such a functional material, that can be manipulated in so many different ways to yield a number of different products. Many people
are scared or hesitant to work with leather, but many weights are finishes are just as easy to work with as some fabrics. 

SOSM: Has retail work experience affected the way you think about/design accessories/clothing? RM: Working retail has definitely given me insight as to what the customer is looking for in a product, in terms of design, but also how the store environment, employees, visual merchandising, and styling come into play.  

SOSM: Why ready wear for women?
RM: I think in this current day and age, women have many more options when it comes to fashion. There is more to play with, more to fit, more shapes, more textures, more colors, and more silhouettes. 

SOSM: Biggest goal for 2016 with your work? 
RM: I would love to launch my online store featuring a number of different styles in a range of colors. My current plan is to start small with a few leather accessories, and a few styles of handbags, and a few other items.

SOSM: Five year dream for your work? Go as crazy as you want!
RM: A five year dream? That’s thinking way far ahead! So my online store would be up and running, and I would like to have expanded into a bigger studio. The dream would be running a studio where a handful of my friends and I can work in a studio together and just create beautiful things all day. I have such creative and talented friends and I would love to be able to pull from their perspectives and designs to make our designs even better. 

Rapid Fire Funtime! 

SOSM: Leggings as pants, yes or no? 
RM: Yes

SOSM: Coffee or tea? 
RM: Coffee

SOSM: Mountains or beaches? 
RM: Beaches

SOSM: Cats or dogs? 
RM: Dogs

SOSM: Favorite place to vacation? 
RM: Camp Hatteras, on Hatteras Island, NC

SOSM: Biggest fashion pet peeve? 
RM: Socks and Sandals, I just don’t get it.

SOSM: Biggest personal pet peeve? 
RM: When people don’t answer the phone when I call them, like why even have a cell phone?

SOSM: Most precious personal fashion item? 
RM: Most precious? Hmm, I would have to say my Buffalo-David Button jacket. My brother bought it for me probably 7 or 8 years ago, and I have almost completely worn it out. I’ve worn it everywhere, If you’ve known me, or seen me anytime over the past 7 or 8 years, you’ve probably seen this jacket. It’s a nice fall weight zip up corduroy jacket. The lining is faded, some of the texture of the corduroy has worn off, and it looks just very “lived in”, which it has been, obviously. 

SOSM: Who's your current fashion icon?
RM: Kyle Krieger. He is a hairstylist based out of LA, but has a huge following on Instagram and Twitter, go follow him @KyleKriegerHair. He has a great sense of personal fashion style, but I also love his visual aesthetic, and he just seems like a beautiful soul, like a fun person to be around. I would love to design clothes for him to wear. 

SOSM: Current Favorite Fashion Item?
RM: I have been obsessing over Coach’s new Wild Beast print for a few months now, and I found out last week that the print came in a few men’s wallet styles. So it was totally meant to be. Their new designer Stuart Vevers teamed up with LA based Illustrator and cartoonist Gary Baseman, to bring a fun and whimsical approach to a collection. The Wild Beast print stems from one of Baseman’s creatures Buster Le Fauve. Dripping paint is something that is just so my aesthetic that I couldn’t pass it up, and it’s a different approach to a classic leopard print.  

Thanks so much to Ryan Moore for humoring me and allowing me to introduce y'all to him! I can't wait to show off more about what we're working on together - look for a post on that soon!

Spring Stylin' & Profilin' at STLFW's Soiree

ALL Images courtesy of Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine unless otherwise noted

ALL Images courtesy of Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine unless otherwise noted

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of sitting front row at Saint Louis Fashion Week's Spring Style Soiree! This super fun event was held inside West County Center, and although I know that some of STLFW's events have been held within malls before, I have not yet had the chance to attend one until now. What a fun experience - the hustle and bustle of passerby shoppers and the sparkle and dazzle of a true yet miniature runway! Co-hosted by the babeliest of all blogger babes, Angie of Honey & Denim (pictured above), the evening had a bubbly yet classic STLFW feeling that left me excited not only about spring fashion, but the still-expanding legacy of our very own city's Fashion Week.

The Soiree event not only featured your traditional runway models, but also some incredibly fabulous, strong, and amazing women. Because STLFW teamed up with Siteman Cancer Center for this night, the opening presentation of White House | Black Market was walked by a group of cancer survivors. These women proudly strutted down the runway, holding cards with a very special number on them - each card represented the number of years its holder has been cancer-free. 

As ALIVE Magazine's resident DJ and fellow blogger babe DJ TrashTalk started up the music again, threads and trends from various stores within West County Center strutted down the runway. I'll run through each shop highlighted and showcase a couple of my favorite looks from each!

The Limited's presentation focused on a balance between classic springtime brights/pastels, and more classic workwear with darker hues. It's coincidental that both of my favorite looks were worn by two young ladies that have modeled for Centro Models, which is a division of TalentPlus, where I work!

Ann Taylor brought out both classic and some edge with its presented looks. Although the top left look is a little too "suburban mom" for me, if we changed the pants to black and maybe threw on some funky jewelry, I'd rock it. And I'll take the whole top right outfit, done and done!

Altar'd State brought out a festival-friendly, boho-vibe. The top left dress, with its chiffon underlayer and Chucks as accessories, caught my attention. The right outfit is something I'd wear, because I'm so skeptical of the ever-popular uber-short dresses. Throw some jeans underneath and some strappy sandals, and you're good!

Banana Republic brought the heat with its sassy  editions of classics. The skin-tight midi dress, paired with current mules and a low straw hat, felt very lifestyle-friendly. Cocktails? Check. Brunch with your babes? Check. The floaty trapeze number that closed the presentation really was tempting me! I can see wearing that beauty all the time, with a lacy bralette and a long pendant. 

Gap's looks were very, well, Gap, featuring looks that kept to its recent campaign of championing being "normal." Basic, clean outfits called to my casual side, and the slouchy denim on the right definitely needs to get in my closet. 

With labeled name brands, spunky prints and youthful feel, Macy's kept my attention from the men's looks to women's looks. The simple yet vibrant dress and bold jumpsuit are not necessarily something I'd wear, but are looks that I know will be crowd-pleasers during upcoming warmer months. 

Although I rarely set foot in Nordstrom, I'll definitely be checking their clothing out more after their presentation. I really must have that black layered dress, and I'm pretty into that funky tropical-inspired print on the men's shirt. 

After the presentations, attendees mingled, and a few of us opted to pop into the Foundrie's shop, where Jenni of ISPYDIY had set up a DIY project for everyone to try. I snapped a few photos of Carylee of More Pieces of Me working on the project - stamping your very own leather bracelet to keep. Other attendees took advantages of the night's super special discounts offered by the shops involved in the show, but I was a good girl and didn't spend the $150 on that black Banana Republic dress... sigh. 

I followed my friend Lindsay of Heartland Underdog and a number of friends and new acquaintances to Planter's House in Lafayette Square for after-event drinks and snacks, where I was able to chat with Jenni a little about her stay in Saint Louis. We tried to convince her that Saint Louis has so much more to offer than you can explore in just a few days, and we hope to have her back again soon. 

I had such a wonderful time getting to enjoy the Soiree with friends both new and old. I look forward to all of the year's upcoming STLFW events, and can't wait to see what they bring!

STLFW Invites You To Spring Style Soirée!

Exactly one week from today, Saint Louis' fashion lovers will descend upon the West County Center in Des Peres for Saint Louis Fashion Week's Spring Style Soirée! Any event involved with STLFW is always super fabulous, and this evening will definitely be no different. Kicking off the festivities at 5:30pm is a lounge for the early birds, complete with an exclusive cocktail party, red and white wines, and bites to eat provided by Bravo, McCormick & Schmick's and J. Gilbert's. The atmosphere will be completed with smooth sounds spun by ALIVE Magazine's resident DJ TrashTalk. Saint Louis-based boutique The Foundrie is collaborating with celebrity guest blogger Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY to bring attendees a fashion-forward, live DIY experience! Doesn't she look ridiculously cute? I can't wait to meet and mingle with her. Let's talk about how I'm totally stealing inspo from her outfit in the below left shot (both images courtesy of

But you know we're there for the fashion and not just all the fun! At 7pm, the runway will light up with some very special models - survivors of cancer. Because cancer affects all of us in one way or another, STLFW has teamed up with the Siteman Cancer Center to honor survivors and their continuing strength with an opening presentation featuring looks from White House | Black Market. In fact, 100% of proceeds from the evening are being donated directly to Siteman Cancer Center! Following the honorees, looks from various West County stores will strut down the runway, in hopes of inspiring attendees to shop for their new spring favorites directly after the show. And to help with that, special offers and promotions will be available to take advantage of while shopping!

Photo courtesy of ALIVE magazine

Photo courtesy of ALIVE magazine

I do hope I'll see you there! Especially with complimentary valet parking outside of Restaurant Village near Bravo, special offers, and fabulous friends, I don't know why you wouldn't stop by. 

To purchase your tickets (and help support Siteman Cancer Center!):
Keep up-to-date with the Facebook event:
Follow for real-time updates: @ALIVEMAGSTL, @ISpyDIY, @SitemanCenter, & @WestCountyCtr
Follow me on Twitter (@Jill_Firns) and Instagram (@jillianskrillian) for real-time updates.